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Random Bytes – Skylake CPU Spectre Patch – ‘Dislike’ On Facebook? – Logan Paul YouTube’d Again

Random Bytes – Skylake CPU Spectre Patch – ‘Dislike’ On Facebook? – Logan Paul YouTube’d Again
9 February 2018

we released production microcode updates for several Skylake-based platforms to our OEM customers and industry partners, and we expect to do the same for more platforms in the coming days
Navin Shenoy, 7 February 2018
Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Data Center Group at Intel Corporation


Richard Lawler‘s article “Intel releases new Spectre patch for its Skylake CPUs” noted:

That includes those based on technology including (but not limited to) Broadwell and Haswell which had previously seen an update that the company withdrew after reports of random reboots.

Intel’s extensive list of Skylake chips is located at:

Expect more changes “Real Soon Now.”


We are not testing a dislike button.

The Daily Beast reported on the notion that Facebook was not “testing a dislike button.”

A Facebook spokesperson denied that the company is “testing a dislike button” before giving information about why it is performing the test.

“We are not testing a dislike button. We are exploring a feature for people to give us feedback about comments on public page posts. This is running for a small set of people in the U.S. only.

The feature appears to give users the ability to downrank certain comments.

For now, this is only a test.

Meanwhile, on a platform that does have a ‘dislike’ button; which does nothing.


Logan Paul is an idiot. But your kids don’t know that
Hayley Kaufman, The Boston Globe, 5 January 2018
never make the same mistake twice … keep making new ones
Ruff and Reddy (1957-1960)

Engaget‘s Associate Editor Steve Dent had this lovely tidbit for Paul’s fans and anti-fans:

YouTube star Logan Paul is in hot water again with YouTube, following his suspension from the service’s Preferred Ad program for posting a video of a suicide victim in Japan. YouTube has temporarily suspended all ads on his channels, cutting off revenue estimated between $40,000 to $600,000 per month. On Twitter, YouTube Creators cited his “recent pattern of behavior,” as reason for the suspension.

With YouTube‘s apparent slap on the wrist policy for big money makers, Mr. Dent ends with this warning to YouTube:

“with advertisers like Mars, HP and Smirnoff having dropped YouTube until it cleans up its act, the site might need to start wielding its banhammer.

Previously, Logan Paul suggested he’d take the Tide Pod Challenge.

swallowing 1 tide pod per retweet

In the article “Logan Paul’s Tweet About Tide Pod Challenge Has Angered Everyone,” Francesca Donovan had this to say:

The ‘joke’ is supposedly that the pods look a little like sweets. But, funnily enough, liquids designed to clean dirt off clothes are not fit for human consumption, and some cases of kids partaking in the Tide Pod challenge have led to hospitalisations.

A significant portion of Mr. Paul’s audience are “kids.”

The mature video response to such feldercarb can be found here:

Rob Gronkowski

Such a potentially fatal joke stunt by Logan Paul would definitely gain him permanent world-wide recognition.

As a Darwin Award winner.


“Hold my beer and watch this!” a teen handed Snapchat to a friend and with a whoop of glee he leapt over a foot-bridge railing, intending to land dramatically on a parapet below.” …
Snapchat phenomenon is extending the e-trend of paying inadequate attention to one’s physical surroundings
2017 Darwin Award Winner



Electronic Arts Lies About Star Wars Battlefront II Sales? $7 Million Not $9 Million.

Electronic Arts Lies About Star Wars Battlefront II Sales? $7 Million Not $9 Million.
31 January 2018

we ultimately made the decision to pull in-game purchases out of the game prior to launch
Andrew Wilson, CEO Electronic Arts, January 30 2018
chairman of Disney’s consumer products and interactive media division personally called EA to express Disney executives’ unhappiness about how the outrage “reflected on their marquee property,” the Wall Street Journal reports
Brian Crecente, Rolling Stone, November 20 2017

During the January 30 2018 5:00 PM ET EA (Electronic Arts) “third quarter fiscal 2018 earnings call”

Star Wars Battlefront II Sales






EA reported Star Wars  Battlefront II sales of 7 million units (8 million minus 1 million). Venues such as GamesIndustry, Pretty Good Gaming, YongYea, dutifully reported 7 million units sold. As presented directly by EA.

But a curious thing happened. Before the Earnings Call, “Blake Jorgensen, the company’s financial chief” talked to the The Wall Street Journal.

Wall Street Journal

Blake Jorgensen apparently told the Wall Street Journal reporter Sarah E. Needleman, “EA sold 9M units instead of the conservative 10M it had projected for the holiday quarter.” Ms. Needleman, of New York, New York, posted the scoop at 16:05 ET. That’s 4:05 PM ET.

Like parrots, multiple publications began quoting the “9 million” figure. For example:


A day later the public perception is Electronic Arts sold “9 million copies” and not the reported to EA investors 7 million.

Good public relations job Blake Jorgensen?

Well …

We think unit sales could come in below EA’s earlier FY18 outlook for around 14 million units.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch analyst Justin Post, November 17 2017

Yesterday EA said they hit 7 million out of an expected 8 million. Or 87.5% of their goal. That does sound better than their buried 2017 estimate of 14 million sales. That’s reaching only 50% of their goal.

Time for updating resumes?


Net bookings for the quarter were $1.971 billion, down $99 million on the prior year, which benefitted from a strong Battlefield 1 launch. Net bookings for the quarter were $29 million below our guidance, driven by lower-than-expected sales of Star Wars Battlefront II.
Electronic Arts, January 30 2018.



Holding a $500,000 Tournament When No Longer King of The Kill

Holding a $500,000 Tournament When No Longer King of The Kill
11 October 2017


We just sort of try to ignore any comparison
King of the Kill Developer.

With the $500,000 H1Z1 2017 Invitational happening this October 20-22, Daybreak Game Company LLC must be optimistic over their H1Z1 IP. This October Invitational comes just six months after their $300,000 H1Z1 Fight For The Crown tournament. A small gaming company extrudes enthusiasm when spending $800,000 on prizes, over a six month period.

Perhaps this large cash outlay is a Daybreak manager prematurely expressing the sentiment, “Nothing Can Stop Us Now!

Unnoticed by Daybreak, a game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, made it’s March 2017 debut on Steam Early Access.


Amazon’s a very competitive company, and I think they are a very good competitor … we are still looking for signs of momentum, and so far, they have not gotten traction.
Meg Whitman, eBay CEO. 30 May 1999

I think it’s awesome that we can grow together, and we can continue to really define what battle royale means to players and give gamers an awesome experience
Adriaan Noordzij, Senior Product Manager, about H1Z1 and PUBG. 24 August 2017

The current news about H1Z1’s competition?

On October 11th, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Creative Director Brendan Greene, reported a new record of “more than 2 million concurrent players.”

Also on October 11th, PUBG’s competitor Epic Games Fortnite, had “reached 3.7 million players” and “had 525,000 concurrent users.”

And of H1Z1?

H1Z1: King of the Kill –

H1Z1_ King of the Kill - Steam Charts-2

And it’s companion game?


Just Survive - Steam Charts-1


Well, at this point what else could possibly go wrong?

Automaton Raises $10m and Announces Groundbreaking Game Project Built on Improbable’s SpatialOS

  • “Automaton Games, the British independent games studio behind the popular multiplayer psychological stealth and combat game Deceit, today announced that it has secured investment of $10m from Cambridge Venture Partners.
  • The new investment is being used to develop a revolutionary massively multiplayer survival-combat game”
  • “will feature groundbreaking elements such as: 1,000 concurrent players occupying a detailed shared world”


The game’s peak [concurrent user count] is still really healthy and we’re still in the top four on Steam … There’s some seasonality to what happens with our games
Antony Castoro, General Manager
September 2017


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