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Holding a $500,000 Tournament When No Longer King of The Kill

Holding a $500,000 Tournament When No Longer King of The Kill
11 October 2017


We just sort of try to ignore any comparison
King of the Kill Developer.

With the $500,000 H1Z1 2017 Invitational happening this October 20-22, Daybreak Game Company LLC must be optimistic over their H1Z1 IP. This October Invitational comes just six months after their $300,000 H1Z1 Fight For The Crown tournament. A small gaming company extrudes enthusiasm when spending $800,000 on prizes, over a six month period.

Perhaps this large cash outlay is a Daybreak manager prematurely expressing the sentiment, “Nothing Can Stop Us Now!

Unnoticed by Daybreak, a game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, made it’s March 2017 debut on Steam Early Access.


Amazon’s a very competitive company, and I think they are a very good competitor … we are still looking for signs of momentum, and so far, they have not gotten traction.
Meg Whitman, eBay CEO. 30 May 1999

I think it’s awesome that we can grow together, and we can continue to really define what battle royale means to players and give gamers an awesome experience
Adriaan Noordzij, Senior Product Manager, about H1Z1 and PUBG. 24 August 2017

The current news about H1Z1’s competition?

On October 11th, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Creative Director Brendan Greene, reported a new record of “more than 2 million concurrent players.”

Also on October 11th, PUBG’s competitor Epic Games Fortnite, had “reached 3.7 million players” and “had 525,000 concurrent users.”

And of H1Z1?

H1Z1: King of the Kill –

H1Z1_ King of the Kill - Steam Charts-2

And it’s companion game?


Just Survive - Steam Charts-1


Well, at this point what else could possibly go wrong?

Automaton Raises $10m and Announces Groundbreaking Game Project Built on Improbable’s SpatialOS

  • “Automaton Games, the British independent games studio behind the popular multiplayer psychological stealth and combat game Deceit, today announced that it has secured investment of $10m from Cambridge Venture Partners.
  • The new investment is being used to develop a revolutionary massively multiplayer survival-combat game”
  • “will feature groundbreaking elements such as: 1,000 concurrent players occupying a detailed shared world”


The game’s peak [concurrent user count] is still really healthy and we’re still in the top four on Steam … There’s some seasonality to what happens with our games
Antony Castoro, General Manager
September 2017


Alex Mauer DMCA’s The Internet

Alex Mauer DMCA’s The Internet
27 June 2017
Updated 28 June 2017

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998
“Any person who knowingly materially misrepresents that material is infringing, or that it was removed or blocked through mistake or misidentification, is liable for any resulting damages (including costs and attorneys’ fees) incurred by the alleged infringer, the copyright owner or its licensee, or the service provider.”

Since the inception of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), no Section 512(f) penalties were ever applied to abusers of the 1998 Act. That is, until 2015. The case was Automattic Inc. v. Steiner.

“Automattic was likewise successful in claiming damages of $1,860”
“The court also awarded attorneys’ fees, which are expressly allowed by section 512(f) … a total of $22,264 in fees.”
First-Ever Award of “Any Damages” for Fraudulent DMCA Takedowns Under Section 512(f)
Daniel A. Zlatnik & Aaron Rubin

That case built on the results of Lenz v. Universal Music Corp.

So what does this have to do with the article title?

Starr Mazer DSP had an altercation with it’s musical director. The end result was a massive amount of DMCA strikes issued against YouTube and Twitch content creators alike.

Alex Mauer the “musical director,” and Imagos Softworks, are locked in a copyright dispute. Both parties claim ownership of video game music. After negotiations deadlocked, Alex Mauer raised the DMCA sword to ‘all things’ Imagos.

Including YouTube videos that fall under Fair Use. Which is where our interest lies.

Fair use is a legal doctrine that promotes freedom of expression by permitting the unlicensed use of copyright-protected works in certain circumstances. Section 107 of the Copyright Act provides the statutory framework for determining whether something is a fair use and identifies certain types of uses—such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research—as examples of activities that may qualify as fair use.

This conflict is moving to Federal Court.

If you came here because of the Alex Mauer ‘Clickbait,’ (not really clickbait but go with it) get up to speed by checking out the references from the list below. Some videos are mere bait, but entertaining nevertheless.

27 May 2017

DMCA (Copyright) Complaint to Vimeo
Sender Alex Mauer
Allegedly Infringing URLS:

4 June 2017

DMCA claim by Alex Mauer for Starr Mazer
Sender Private
Allegedly Infringing URLS:

DMCA claim by Alex Mauer for Starr Mazer
Sender Private
Allegedly Infringing URLS:

5 June 2017

DMCA (Copyright) Complaint to Vimeo
Sender Alex Mauer
Allegedly Infringing URLS:

13 June 2017

Temmie Plays! (1.4K subscribers)

23 June 2017

Copyright Strike Levied Against Starr Mazer Videos

A wave of DMCA strikes hits YouTubers
SidAlpha (42K subscribers)

24 June 2017

Je parle du cas de Starr Mazer et les fausses attaques DMCA par Alex Mauer
Alexandre Armont

Weaponizing DMCA’s & Why You Shouldn’t Fuck With Youtubers
BigfryTV (46K subscribers)

DMCA Issues on Youtube: The New Flood

YouTubers Held Hostage With DMCA Takedowns By Former Starr Mazer Composer, Alex Mauer
IAmPattyJack (13K subscribers)

Alex Mauer DMCAs More Games, Sends Cease And Desist To Turner Broadcasting/Adult Swim Games
IAmPattyJack (13K subscribers)

The W2 Report – The Copyright Horror Show
Sanji Himura

An update on the Alex Mauer DMCA Wave
SidAlpha (42K subscribers)

24 June 2017

Youtubers hit with DMCA strikes by Alex Mauer for playing Starr Mazer DSP
Sir TapTap (12K subscribers)

Alex Mauer’s Copyright Claim Abuse
TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit (2.2M subscribers)

25 June 2017

Alex Mauer Update: 70+ DMCA STRIKES

Human Scum Issues False DMCA Takedowns
EscapeRouteBritish (1.5K subscribers)

Extorting YouTubers for Fun and Profit!
farfromsubtle (250K subscribers)

Alex Mauer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Jack Fennimore

A Righteous Crusader Wields DMCA Takedowns to Bring Forth Justice
KEN Network

my two cents on the whole Alex Mauer situation (rushed edition)

This video contains Starr Mazer DSP with Alex Mauer’s music
kontent ai dee

Alex Mauer enforces contract by DMCA extortion
Leonard French (64K subscribers)

Starr Mazer DSP – Gameplay Preview (With Music and SFX)

The W2 Report – The Copyright Horror Show Redux
Sanji Himura

Alex Mauer’s DMCA Strike Extortion
Shooter Fantasy

UPDATE: Alex Mauer list of DMCA strikes
SidAlpha (42K subscribers)

Starr Mazer: DSP v. 3.0.7 : Enjoy Alex Mauer ! This Strike is on the house 🙂 *DMCA SHIELD©*
Temmie Plays! (1.4K subscribers)

ALEX MAUER DMCA Update! Can’t take risks, Starr Mazer DSP Longplay Deleted

Vanitas 42

My Alex Mauer Rant: We Are Artists Too!
Z. Mann Zilla

June 26 2017

04 – Alex Mauer, the Joffrey of Youtube | Button Mashers Podcast
Game of Dorks

GamePoints Podcast Episode 94
GamePoints PC

Alex Mauer and the Starr Mazer fiasco – Initial Views
I Heart Indie

Conversations with Alex Mauer (All of my interview questions)
I Heart Indie

Composer Files Tons of Spurious DMCA Takedowns For Extortion Purposes
Jim Sterling (517K subscribers)

Dealing with Alex Mauer’s DMCA Strike
Jupiter_Hadley (4K subscribers)

To Alex Mauer, A Message
Lord Crocosquirrel (2.8K subscribers)

Musical Anti Hero (1.2K subscribers)

The Alex Mauer Controversy & OpenVI can make Mods for GTA V again for now

My Voice on Alex Mauer
Sparky’s Tech Corner

Sparky’s Tech Corner

Starr Mazer DSP *TEST VIDEO*

Full Interview with Alex Mauer, June 26th 2017 (MusicalAntiHero)
TheMusiAH aka Musical Anti Hero

Starr Mazer: a Plea to Alex Mauer

Star Mazer DSP and Alex Mauer DMCA
XMOSS Gaming

27 June 2017

Starr Mazer Legal Support

Alex Mauer What the Fuck Youtube?
Jack B

Leonard French, Esq.

Musical Anti Hero (1.2K subscribers)

Musical Anti Hero (1.3K subscribers)

Reaction Video 1 – Alex Mauer DCMA Controversy
Nikki PiP

Planet Jank Saves YouTube
Planet Jank

The W2 Report – Justice Needs Your Help!
Sanji Himura

Alex Mauer: more on the DMCA Front Lines
SidAlpha (42K subscribers)

Alex Mauer DMCA Update: Imagos gets litigious
SidAlpha (42K subscribers)

Alex Mauer Update “DONT SEND THREATS”
Sparky’s Tech Corner

Game Music Composer Goes On DMCA Blitz Against Innocent YouTubers Over Contract Dispute With Game Publisher

Help Support STARR MAZER: DSP ! We Need Your Help, Pilot! [ Leonard French Gofundme ]
Temmie Plays! (1.4K subscriber)

Game Composer’s ILLEGAL DMCA RAMPAGE – The Know Game News
The Know (1.2M subscribers)

The Know

Starr Mazer DSP Gameplay: Alex Mauer & DMCA Friendly!
White From Black

Alex Mauer RIsks Over 60 YouTubers Channels with Bogus DMCA Strikes ..All To Try And Get More Money!
Zaxtor99 (10K subscribers)

28 June 2017

[rambly garbage] Alex Mauer, and the recent bullshit [Update in description]

FLASHSHOCK Podcast: Alex Mauer, Trans issues, and threats against other’s lives.
Flash Frame

Alex Mauer, NO, NO, JUST NO!!!!!! (Sorry for cussing)

Alex Mauer : Think About What you’re Doing.

last video I want to make regarding the whole alex mauer thing

The Alex Mauer Video
Kurzov Productions

Alex Mauer vs SidAlpha: The Threat of Doom
Lord Crocosquirrel (2.8K subscribers)

Musical Anti Hero (1.4K subscribers)

Alex Mauer issues Death Threat
SidAlpha (42K subscribers)


The ending to this legal drama should be interesting.


Updated 28 June 2017

Once legal action was underway, it was thought ‘maybe get back to this DMCA issue in a couple of months.’ Legal matters do take time. That changed the next day as, Alex Mauer issues Death Threat was reported.

The above list has been update. We’ll get back to this …


“Well take this for what little it will profit you. As I look at you, Ambassador Mollari, I see a great hand reaching out of the stars. The hand is your hand. And I hear sounds, the sounds of billions of people calling your name.”
“My followers?” Ambassador Londo Mollari
“Your victims.” Technomage Elric
Babylon 5


EverQuest II – Tell Us What You Think! The Sequel

EverQuest II – Tell Us What You Think!
 The Sequel
5 June 2017


“Intrepid Studios is growing according to today’s Ashes of Creation press announcement. Five new members have joined up that bring development experience from EverQuest to H1Z1.”
New Team Members Bring a Wealth of Experience


Daybreak Game Company has emailed a second 2017 EverQuest II survey. We presented the first 2017 survey in an earlier article.

As two months earlier, here’s what showed up in the Gmail box.

EQII email


The new survey is as short as the previous one. However the emphasis is different.

EQII Survey 20170605

What was previously question #7, is now question #2. For those who prefer text, the new question #2.

  • 2. How likely is it that you would recommend EverQuest II to a friend of colleague?


I would like to say that EverQuest 2 has a chance to pull itself out of the toxic hole that its managed to throw itself down, but right now the game needs to focus on bringing the player base back.
Rissa Trent, March 2017


Asking the same question. in two months apart surveys, indicates Something’s Afoot. Or Daybreak’s Marketing department is completely inept.

Let’s sidetrack to marketing EverQuest II. And let’s not go into the “””fantastic marketing“”” taking place on Twitter.

You think marketing, and you think ‘advertising.’ Maybe something like simple timely press releases.

But do a Google search for “everquest 2” under news. By the way, it’s now June.

EQII news


EverQuest II and Ashes of Creation? Someone at Daybreak blew product SEO.

But, Maybe this is a Google fluke.


WoW news



“Hopefully, if the liquidation firm shuts us down, Amazon Games will pick us up.”
Uwkete-of-Crushbone, May 2017


Daybreak Games may be asking the ‘would you recommend to a friend’ question, to determine if EverQuest II is worth keeping around.

But Daybreak Games may be asking the question, because customer impressions are important. Change a bad impression, and you can keep a customer. And gain new customers.

Time will tell.


Remind anyone of EverQuest Next?

Carve your own destiny in New World, a massively multiplayer, open-ended sandbox game set in a living, cursed land. Choose how you play, what you do, and whom you work with or against in an evolving world that transforms with the seasons, weather, and time of day.
Amazon Game Studios

New World [Download]


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