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Daybreak Game Company Claims They Are Not Owned By Columbus Nova

Daybreak Game Company Claims They Are Not Owned By Columbus Nova
26 April 2018


we want to set the record straight
Daybreak Game Company LLC

With the “edited by Roxxlyy” stamp of approval, Daybreak Game Company made this odd announcement.

Daybreak Ownership

In short, Daybreak Game Company claims they are not owned by Columbus Nova.

Multiple publications, such as Games Industry and Massively Overpowered, have speculated that the announcement has to do with the U.S. Department of the Treasury freezing Russian assets.

Whatever Daybreak’s reasons are to “set the record straight,” perhaps they can get Roxxlyy to edit this gem from the publication Forbes.

Or this ‘shiney’ from Venture Beat.

Presuming she’s not hit by the current round of Daybreak layoffs.


Addendum 2018.04.26

The current Daybreak Games Privacy page makes this statement.

Privacy 2018

“Daybreak Games may share your Personal Information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy (except for direct marketing) with its affiliates, including any entity that directly or indirectly owns fifty percent (50%) or more of the outstanding equity in Daybreak.”

That current section differs from past Privacy pages. Such as this ‘sparkly’ from September 03 2017. Courtesy of the Internet Archive WayBackMachine.

Columbus Nova 201709

Emphasis ours.

“Daybreak Games may share your Personal Information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy (except for direct marketing) with its parent companies, which consist of Columbus Nova Private Equity Group (“CN”) and any company controlled by CN that directly or indirectly owns fifty percent (50%) or more of the outstanding equity in Daybreak.”

Depending on your level of lawyer-ese, the sentence states Columbus Nova “directly or indirectly owns fifty percent” of Daybreak.



Bull Shannon (Richard Moll), Night Court (1984-1992)


Daybreak Games Survey – EverQuest II Tell Us What You Think!

Daybreak Games Survey – EverQuest II Tell Us What You Think!
26 March 2018


“We Need Your Help”
Daybreak Game Company LLC

Too late. I warned you before. I never make a present of a man’s life a second time.
Ulysses (1954)

The latest EverQuest II survey hit our email box. Multiple times.

Tell Us What You Think
Maybe management is paying more attention. However the online survey is short.

Survey Page 1

Our article comments are minimal. For now.

Editor: My survey response was not short.


As to communication, our devs go where they get the best and most constructive input to improve the game. We try to foster a two-way, supportive environment for devs and players, and we do our best to ensure that EQ2 remains a positive community and experience.
Holly Longdale, EverQuest II

‘don’t like it leave’
EverQuest II Developer



Daybreak Games EverQuest 2 Customer Monologue

Daybreak Games EverQuest 2 Customer Monologue
15 March 2018


a developer post that struck me as overly defensive, whiney, and was itself highly passive aggressive.

The post itself also felt grossly condescending, hypocritical, and completely counter productive.” Gillymann


After returning from a multi-week vacation, the above quote greeted me on the virtual desk.

A little digging revealed the source of the aforementioned snippet.

Gillymann post

That comment from an EverQuest II player is unusual. But not for its content. Because the usual Daybreak Games mode of operations is to erase negative posts directed at the company or its employees. Along with, suspending the poster.

This thread still existing is unusual. Given the content is directed at developer Jason “Fyreflyte” Worner‘s post.

  • This thread started out as praise, but quickly gained several responses that were passive/aggressive or insulting. There’s a fair amount of irony in that, because those types of responses are what drive developers away from the forums to begin with. As a general rule, we don’t shy away from criticism; but it needs to be provided in a constructive format. If you have issues with things, we’re more than happy to hear you out – just remember to address the issue itself, and how you’d like to see it resolved. Resorting to personal attacks, however subtle, usually guarantees we’re going to bow out of the thread and feel less inclined to respond to that particular poster in the future.” Jason “Fyreflyte” Worner

Fyreflyte post

The prior portions of the thread had no “passive/aggressive or insulting” responses.

More Communications on these Forums Lately

Unless you count this post:

I refuse to reply to this thread!
Carlos “Gninja” Mora

Gninja post

Written as a joke by EverQuest II developer Carlos “Gninja” Mora.

Was Mr. Worner‘s comment another thin-skinned employee post? It was definitely “defensive, whiney, and” “highly passive aggressive.” Also very ‘my way or the highway.’

The disturbing part of Mr. Worner’s post? It gave the impression Daybreak management condones slagging customer posts.

Or is this a sign of change? By keeping the abrasive developer comment up, is management letting an employee know they went too far?

Consider what happened days earlier.


The problem with these official forums is, the lunatics have very much taken over the asylum. Daybreak have decided to leave the most negative players to rot in peace here. You can vent all day long to your hearts content about how you would run the game differently and all of the other hyper negative players are here to pat you on the back. But you have to remember, if you are only ever rude and incessantly moan, eventually it just turns into white noise and no one apart from the other lunatics are listening.” Danni


We’ll save you the aggravation searching for this quote. The entire thread vanished from the Daybreak Games EverQuest 2 forums.

It did not vanish from the Internet.

Holly says they want community feedback, where?


Let’s peek at the Daybreak Games EverQuest 2 forum rules.


“the code is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules.”
Captain Hector Barbossa
These rules are not comprehensive
Colette “Dexella” Murphy, Forum Guidelines.

Forum Guidelines

  • “Do not troll or make personal attacks”
  • “Personal attacks – Do not insult, degrade or criticize any person or group of people.”

Now consider these two comments.

Going from your last post, you may well be one of the toxic individuals yourself.
Danni to Tekka


Tekka you are part of the problem, you are toxic.
Danni to Tekka

What Danni Said 3

Both comments have equivalent content. But one was untouched. The other was retouched in an interesting fashion.


What Danni Said 2


Danni is Roxxlyy a
Notice the “Last edited by Roxxlyy” at the bottom.

Editor: Last and only time I saw player posts edited by a moderator was in 2006. ‘Your actual mileage may vary.’

The prior Community Relations Manager, Tony “RadarX” Jones, deleted posts. The only posts edited, that we’re aware of, were his own posts. This is time efficient as it does take more time to edit a post, than delete it. Deletions leave no whiff of favoritism. Mostly.

By editing a post, Daybreak Games Community Relations/Coordinator Manager Roxanne “Roxxlyy” Sabo showed favoritism. And worse, leaving alone two other another personal attack posts.

Amusingly Roxxlyy joined the EverQuest 2 forums on “Jul 27, 2017”:

Roxxlyy profile

While Danni didn’t exist until “Sep 8, 2017”:

Danni profile

One being the other’s alter ego might be a stretch. But it’s not unheard of.

Think Clark Kent, William Mark Felt or Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Or Stephen Grover.


  1. Roxxlyy is Dani.
  2. Roxxlyy is showing favoritism.
  3. Roxxlyy is condoning toxic behavior toward the customer.

There are no good outcomes. Of course the egregious posts were deleted. Either finally showing good judgement, or trying to smother the paper trail.


I’ve noticed a pretty solid uptick in developer communication on these forums.

Getting back to Jason “Fyreflyte” Worner’s “whiney” post. Since Roxxlyy’s gaffe, is upper management paying more attention to what its paid minions are up to?

Daybreak Games “H1Z1’s player base down 91 percent,” current cash cow is milked out. Perhaps Daybreak Games management is finally paying attention to one of its most loyal player bases. And cash cow.


Addendum 28 April 2018.

Apparently Jason “Fyreflyte” Worner has been laid off. One of many Daybreak employees recently let go.

Daybreak Has Now Been Hit With Layoffs [Confirmed]
Bree Royce, April 26 2018
“we are given to understand the number of people laid off was around 70”

Apparently there’s a spokesperson feeding various publications ‘the word’ on Columbus Nova not owning Daybreak Game Company. Allegedly Roxanne “Roxxlyy” Sabo is that spokesperson, “who was not with the company in 2015.”


This is a game with history. Real, human history. Over the course of 11 years, people have become friends, adventured together, even fallen in love.
Philip Kollar, 13 January 2016.
Touring the living remains of an 11-year-old MMO


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