Musing Bytes 4 – Science Fiction

Musing Bytes 4 – Science Fiction
16 March 2014

“Is this Doctor the sort who needs flattery?  Or can I leave him to it?”  Jyoti Cutler
“I just let him talk.”  Flip Jackson
“I am still here you know.”  The Doctor
“You are so brilliant.  I don’t know what I’d have done without you.”  Jyoti Cutler
“Hmmm”  The Doctor
Doctor Who, “Scavenger
Big Finish, 14 March 2014

On 14 March 2014 Big Finish released the Doctor Who audio adventure “Scavenger” featuring The 6th Doctor, Colin Baker.  The synopsis reads:

Thursday 28 May 2071: the day the Anglo-Indian Salvage 2 rocket launches. Its mission: to clean up space; to remove from Earth’s orbit over a century’s worth of man-made junk…

From the viewing window of a nearby space station, the Doctor and Flip have a unique view of Salvage 2 as it sets about its essential task – and of the disaster that unfolds when Salvage 2 encounters something it’s not been programmed to deal with. Something not of human manufacture…

Back on Earth, the Doctor fights to save Flip from becoming part of a 500-year tragedy being played out in orbit, hundreds of miles above. And millions will die if he fails.

Scavenger cover    © 2014 Big Finish Productions

Big Finish is known for “producing high-quality audio drama” “based on popular TV series such as Doctor Who” and others.

Now that is the public relations view.  (Ed.) In my opinion, that view is rather understated.

If you’re a Doctor Who fan, “Scavenger” is an excellent ‘listen’.  As are other Big Finish products.

If you’re another type of fan, there is a nice Easter egg included in the audio drama.  Salvage 2???

“I’ve been wondering.  What happened to Salvage 1?”  The Doctor
“Some Moon project from a hundred years ago.  Nothing to do with us.”  Jyoti Cutler


“Jettison Control this is Salvage 1.  The Vulture has landed!”
Melanie “Mel” Slozar from the Lunar surface, Salvage (January 1979)

A very nice tribute to the 35th anniversary of the TV movie Salvage and the TV series that followed.

Thank you Big Finish.

JettisonSalvage1     JettisonSalvage2   © 2014 Sony
“… Jettison Salvage …”           “… Jettison Salvage …”
Harry Broderick (Andy Griffith), Salvage (1979)


“So are you seriously telling me.  All those blokes.  Old man white hair, Beetle’s haircut, frilly shirt, long scarf big eyes, cricket boy, Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Lord Byron.  Are all of them?  They were you?”
“ah Yes.” The Doctor
“Wicked.”  Ace
Doctor Who, The Light At The End  
Big Finish, October 2013

And speaking of Big Finish.

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary show, “The Day Of The Doctor” was not the only official multi-Doctor show.  In October 2013 Big Finish released their 50th Anniversary audio adventure “The Light At The End.”  Featuring the voice talents of Doctor Who original (20th Century) cast members:

Tom Baker  (The Fourth Doctor)
Peter Davison  (The Fifth Doctor)
Colin Baker  (The Sixth Doctor)
Sylvester McCoy  (The Seventh Doctor)
Paul McGann  (The Eighth Doctor)
Louise Jameson  (Leela)
Sarah Sutton  (Nyssa)
Nicola Bryant  (Perpugilliam “Peri” Brown)
Sophie Aldred  (Dorothy Gale “Ace” McShane)
Susan Foreman  (Carole Ann Ford)
Vicki  (Maureen O’Brien)
Steven Taylor  (Peter Purves)
Sara Kingdom  (Jean Marsh)
Polly Wright  (Anneke Wills)
Jamie McCrimmon  (Frazer Hines)
Zoe Heriot  (Wendy Padbury)
Jo Grant  (Katy Manning)
Tegan Jovanka  (Janet Fielding)
Vislor Turlough  (Mark Strickson)
Geoffrey Beevers  (The Master)

And many more.

Buy it.

Two Doctors observing The Sixth Doctor.
“Do I really end up with such a terrible sense of fashion?”  The Doctor  (Tom Baker)
“Says the man in the impractical scarf.  It’s all a question of taste I suppose.”  The Doctor  (Paul McGann)
“Well I suppose that would explain your Wild Bill Hickok costume?”
“Most people think it has something to do with Byron.”
Doctor Who: The Light At The End (2013)


“… Code name Lovely Angel?!  Dirty Pair!
The soon to be ex-object of Yuri’s affection.

Yuri and Kei, The Dirty Pair  (1979- )

Meanwhile in Japan, SF Magajin published a story by Haruka Takachiho.  It was titled “Daatipea no Diabouken”, or known in English as “The Dirty Pair’s Great Adventures“.  Featuring The Dirty Pair Lovely Angels, Trouble Consultants Yuri and Kei of the World Welfare Work Association (3WA)

From then to now, the 1979 serialized book would spawn anime, manga, and comics of their adventures.


The Dirty Pair
Top Left, Clockwise

Happy Birthday Dirty P Lovely Angels.
“What happened?  Or should I ask, what disaster have you initiated?”
3WA Department Chief Soranaka to Kei and Yuri … after devastating the WWWA home city.
The Dirty Pair Strike Again (2008)


It’s no secret that Japanese science fiction was greatly influenced by the Western sci-fi authors of the ’50s. That became the foundation of Japanese sci-fi. All science-fiction writers were influenced by the “Big Three”: Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, and Robert A. Heinlein. That started with my generation. You won’t find an author who wasn’t touched by Clarke, Asimov, and Heinlein.
Haruka Takachiiho


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